Environment & Nature

Environnent and Nature

At Manor Wood we take care to look after the lovely countryside we live in with the hope that many generations to come can continue to appreciate the beauty that surrounds us!

We are extremely proud of the David Bellamy Gold Award received for the first time in 2009.


– Since opening the Park we have planted in excess of 2000 native trees such as Oak and bushes such as Holly and Hawthorn, this has helped to ensure the well being of the existing wildlife at Manor Wood as well as encouraging new wildlife to the Park.

– We have bird tables, owl boxes, bat boxes, hedgehog and bird boxes around the Park.

– Nature signs giving details of the wildlife that has been seen on the Park.

– We do not use fertilisors and pesticides on the Parkland which has encouraged the growth of wild flowers and we have seen the return of some insects such as ladybirds, bees and butterfly’s.

– Our brochures are printed on paper from only from sustainable sources.

Amenity Block

– We have water butts around the Reception and amenity buildings – the water collected is used to water the hanging baskets and ‘tubs’ around the Park.

– Lighting in all public areas are on movement sensors with energy saving bulbs.

– The toilets are fitted with devises for a small flush to save on water output and showers are fitted with aireators – again to save on water usage.

– Detergents used to clean the amenity building are wherever possible not detrimental to the environment.

– We encourage people to use the 30 degree wash on the washing machine and all the washing up sinks have bowls instead of plugs again to save on water usage.


– We have 2 recycling areas with colour coded bins for the collection of GLASS, PLASTICS, TIN, PAPER and BATTERIES. The bins are well used, in addition we use a local company to collect the bulk waste who recycle a further 70% of the rubbish collected.

– We love the surroundings that we live in and encourage all of our visitors however tall, young, small or old to do their bit for the environment whilst visiting this beautiful, quiet, peaceful part of Cheshire.

– All visitors are encouraged to use the local bus service and or walk to our local shops, pubs and restaurants.

– In fact we have our very own reusable bag at Manor Wood encouraging guests to ‘Choose to reuse’!!!

– If you have any concerns or suggestions on how we can continue to ensure that our beautiful countryside is maintained for future generations then please ask for Nigel when booking or on your visit – Nigel will be happy to help and explain in more detail what on our ongoing plans are at manor Wood!

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Enjoy the open space we have at Manor Wood.
Take a walk down the Bridle Way to see the Native trees such as Oak, and the hedgerows abundant with wildlife.
Listen to the Bird Song and the warm breeze in the trees.
Use the nature signs to help spot the wildlife at Manor Wood.
Go pond dipping - bring your net!!
Spot the bird, bat ,owl and hedgehog boxes around the park.